Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Love Europe

'This is the place for you and me... now we need to choose our MEPs!' paraphrase Sir Christer of Sjögren.

And indeed, it's that time once again; the Euro-elections are upon us, and as any Eurofan knows, the only vote worth making is a firmly pro-Europe one. So anyone voting in London better be voting for:

'Yes2Europe'. (Ignore the ridiculous insertion numeral which makes the party sound more like a mobile phone shop.)

Unfortunately the party appears to be pretty regional, so those of you living elsewhere (ie Birmingham) are stuck with the usual lot. Which is fine, but if anyone lets their pen wander anywhere the UKIP box on the voting form, Svante will be round with his henchmen to kick your door down. Don't say you weren't warned.

Anyway, in celebration, we're counting down the top three tunes celebrating European integration.

In at number three, it's the winner of Eurovision most likely to make people say 'was that really twenty years ago?'. Of course Carola is due to take this title by 2011, however in her case, it'll be mainly the botox that's confusing people. Toto is these days better remembered for being the worst ever presenter of Eurovision, a man so criminally inept that he made Mr Bean look like Angus Deayton, although he did get a serious run for his money during the semis this year, didn't he?

At number two, it's Spanish superstar Mónica Naranjo with her headache-inducing rock opera, 'Europa', a slightly edited version of which is seen here being lip-synched (oh come on) on the legendary Operación Triunfo. The full version is a three act drama, weighing in at over 6:17; that's roughly 2.09 Eurosongs (soon to become the official SI unit for measuring song length). Luckily it's in Spanish, which means I don't have to explain the rather dodgy metaphors in the lyrics, and we can skip straight onwards to number one...

Oh, you knew it was coming. Vote wisely everybody!

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