Wednesday, April 8, 2009

För drottning och fosterland!

People take a bow, because The Queen is ready to take over the UK!

Velvet - probably best known to Poplicious readers by her numerous Melodifestivalen performances - is currently taking part in the Dance Nation 2009 Ministry Of Sound Tour across the UK together with other Nordic divas such as September and Robyn, and is releasing her single 'Chemistry' this month!

Meanwhile, Velvet's latest Swedish album 'The Queen', which is packed with great singles, as well as potential future hits ('Come into the night' is one of the best clubbing anthems of the year) has mysteriously dropped out of Topplistan - what's that all about? Come on Sweden, if you don't want Velvet, we'll take her off your hands!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Svetlana reveals the 'Hell Machine'

The road to Kyiv is paved with good intentions...

How do you make an ice-rink look tame? Our resident anti-chrisis girl has come up with a novel concept: The Hell Machine. It sounds like something straight out of a bad 80s horror film, and looks like a cross between Martin Rolinksi's Melodifestivalen cage and an oversized neon Polo mint. Someone put a bet on, quick!

Something tells me that, unlike Sarah Dawn Finer, she won't be strapped in; although that doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be chains involved: in fact, given Ukraine's previous 'risqué' performances,
I'd say it was actually pretty likely!