Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Velvet at the breakfast bar, Lili & Susie in the tobacconist's,
Shirley on the rollercoaster, and Pernilla on the ferris wheel.

Unfortunately not my schlagerific interview itinerary; I'm talking about the radio (although I'm sure in Lili's & Susie's case, coming across them in a tobacconist's wouldn't be terribly unheard of). Instead of getting to know the big music stars, I was getting to know cheap American early-nineties sitcoms. I've never watched Seinfield in my life before, but when you're an insomniac stuck in a hotel room at four in the morning, you'll give anything a try.

Judging by how she was absolutely everywhere you look, Agnes still seems to be absolutely massive over there, having reached the dizzying heights over the weekend of being interviewed by a ventriloquist and a toy monkey on prime time kids' television. However, it seems to be her 2008 hit 'On and on', rather than any of her more recent works that is still getting all the attention, and perhaps deservedly so.

To celebrate, let's hear it in all its glory.

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